Bob Filner, Former San Diego Mayor, Pleads Guilty to 3 Charges, Sentencing Set for Dec. 9

On Tuesday former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty to one count felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor battery charges for his inappropriate behavior regarding three women.

Filner entered the pleas as a part of a plea agreement with prosecutors with the felony charge accusing Filner of "false imprisonment by violence, fraud, menace and deceit."

The charge says Filner used force to restrain a woman at a fundraising event, a prosecutor said in court Tuesday.

One of the misdemeanor battery charges reveals he kissed a woman on the lips without her consent in San Diego City Hall last April 6. The other misdemeanor battery charge states he touched a woman's buttocks at a rally last May 25 after she asked to have her picture taken with him.

The victim's names were not revealed but were identified as Jane Does 1, 2 and 3. Filner will be sentenced on Dec. 9, according to a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Filner, also a former nine-term Democratic congressman, resigned from the mayor's post in August after at least 19 women came forward publicly to accuse him of inappropriate behavior during his time as a congressman and as mayor.

The San Diego City Council had previously voted to file a lawsuit against Filner to recover any expenses the city might have to pay as a result any lawsuits stemming from his actions as an elected official.

"This is part of due process," City Attorney Jan Goldsmith told the Los Angeles Times. "If Bob Filner engaged in unlawful conduct and the city is held liable, he will have to reimburse us every penny the city pays and its attorney fees."