Bobbi Kristina Inheritance Left Untouched: Star to Get $20 Million?

Bobbi Kristina's inheritance has been left intact, after members of her family allegedly attempted to delay the amount of money she would receive believing that she was getting too much too soon.

Bobbi Kristina, who allegedly recently announced her engagement to adoptive brother Nick Gordon, has finally settled the case regarding her inheritance. Cissy and Pat Houston, both co-executors of Whitney's estate, had allegedly filed legal papers regarding the amount of time that it would take for Bobbi Kristina to receive the $20 million that she was due.

Cissy, Whitney Houston's mother, had allegedly hoped to postpone the inheritance until Bobbi Kristina had matured more. The initial agreement reportedly stated that Bobbi would receive 10 percent of her inheritance, $2 million, on her 21st birthday, according to TMZ. At 25 she will receive 20 percent, another $4 million, and on her 30th birthday she is set to receive the last $16 million, the site has claimed.

But despite misgivings, Cissy has agreed to withdraw any legal papers, leaving the original agreement in tact. Both her and her granddaughter however, have agreed on some compromise of the agreement, according to TMZ.

Previous reports suggested that Cissy was concerned that Bobbi would follow in her mother's footsteps if she received too much of her money too soon. TMZ reported that Cissy still felt Bobbi was making immature decisions, including Bobbi becoming engaged to Gordon. Gordon became Bobbi's adopted brother when he was 12 years old.

The pair were raised as brother and sister, but after the tragic loss of her mother, Bobbi's relationship with Gordon developed, and they decided to become romantically involved. Gordon himself, attempted to explain the dynamic during an episode on "The Houstons: On Our Own."

"Everyone gets it wrong, I was never officially ... it's not incest," Gordon stated.

"How do you go from being a brother to being a boyfriend?" Houston's brother Gary admits on the episode. "It's a crazy concept."