Bobbi Kristina Not Engaged to Brother Nick Despite Rumors: Rep Confirms

Bobbi Kristina is reportedly not engaged to Nick Gordon despite recent assumptions made by fans following the release of a new promotional clip from The Houston family's Lifetime's reality TV show.

On Thursday, Bobbi Kristina's rep confirmed that the 19-year-old is not engaged to Gordon, 22, and said "You have to watch the show!" according to

Bobbi Kristina will star alongside Gordon, her longtime boyfriend who also happens to be her adopted brother. Other family members also appear like her grandmother Cissy Houston, 78, in the reality show titled "The Houstons: On Our Own," which premieres on October 24.

In the sneak peek video clip, Bobbi Kristina nervously announces "We're engaged!" to family members and many of them object to the controversial romance. Despite widespread assumptions that she was serious, it is now suspected that the teen may have been joking.

The engagement speculation comes six months after it was revealed that a number of Houston family members are apprehensive about Bobbi Kristina's relationship with Gordon.

Gordon, who was reportedly taken in by the late Whitney Houston as a child but never legally adopted, has been accused of preying on Bobbi Kristina during her vulnerable state. The teen has reportedly struggled with her late mother's passing ever since it occurred on Feb. 11.

"Everyone is worried that Nick is looking to take advantage of Krissy," a source reportedly told Star magazine with reference to Bobbi Kristina's multimillion dollar inheritance.

Bobbi Kristina is reportedly set to inherit Whitney's estimated $10 million estate; money, furniture, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars will become hers when she turns 21, according to a 19-page court document obtained by Inside Edition.

Some critics fear that marrying Gordon could jeopardize Bobbi Kristina's finances, as he would be granted legal access to everything unless they were to sign a prenuptial agreement, which some doubt she would do.

"[Bobbi's] taking prescription pills ... Nick is getting her at her most vulnerable. If he really loved her, he'd back off the engagement and just be her friend," the source previously said.