Bobbi-Kristina Slams Book: Twitter Rant at Cissy Houston's 'Remembering Whitney' (VIDEO)

Bobbi Kristina has slammed a new tell-all book by her own grandmother, Cissy Houston. The daughter of Whitney Houston, who died almost a year ago now, has called the book as disrespectful and has ranted on Twitter that she will not be reading it.

The new book titled "Remembering Whitney" is promoted as being a tell-all book about what Cissy Houston went through in the aftermath of her daughter's sudden passing away.

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(PHOTO:REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)Singer Whitney Houston performs with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina (L), during a taping of Good Morning America on ABC in New York September 1, 2009.

In the book Cissy describes about the moment she learned of Whitney's death and how she grieved in the aftermath of the tragedy.

In one excerpt from the book she writes, "That was the moment my life shattered. I don't know what I did or said after that. I was told later that I screamed so loudly that the whole building must have heard me, but my mind was absolute blank, except for one thought – that my baby had gone."

She also writes: "Even now, nearly a year later, I sometimes just ache, wishing I could hug my Nippy one last time. I never ever thought she would go before me. The first days after the news blurred into a terrible haze. I would fall into a fitful sleep and wake up and realize an hour or two later that my greatest nightmare was real."

Bobbi Kristina has been in the media spotlight over the past year since her mother's untimely death in February 2012. Whitney Houston died last year aged 48, after being found unconscious in her hotel room bathtub the night prior to the Grammy Awards.

In the aftermath of that death Bobbi Kristina reportedly broke down, and was even hospitalized twice in the days after, as she struggled to come to terms with losing her mother, whom she was reportedly extremely close with.

The teenager also reportedly started dating adopted brother Nick Gordon following her mother's death, which has also allegedly raised some concerns among friends and family.

Here is a video report on the new book by Cissy Houston: