Bobby Brown Sentenced to 55 Days in Jail for Third DUI

Bobby Brown has been sentenced to 55 days in jail and four years probation for a drunk driving charge from October. He has until March 20 to turn himself in to police and begin serving his time in a Los Angeles county jail.

According to reports, until Brown surrenders, he must attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week. He must also complete an 18-month alcohol program as a condition of his probation.

In March 2012, he was arrested for driving under the influence but released just hours later. The news came just days after the formal announcement that Brown's ex-wife, Whitney Houston, had died of accidental drowning. Police noticed that Brown was driving while talking on his cell phone, pulled him over, and smelled alcohol.

He failed a field sobriety test and arrested but released on his own recognizance. Just months later, in August, he checked himself into rehabilitation for alcohol abuse as part of one of the conditions from his March arrest.

"Mr. Brown takes his agreement very seriously and admitted himself three weeks after concluding his honeymoon in Mexico during a break from the New Edition tour. Bobby is doing well and receiving services that comply with the State of California," his attorney Christopher Brown said in a statement.

Brown married Alicia Etheredge in June.

"Bobby's children and loved ones are very proud of him," she told People after Bobby entered rehab. "Bobby is mentally in a good place."

In October, Brown was pulled over for erratic driving and arrested when officers detected "a strong scent of alcohol," TMZ reported. Brown was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license, which was revoked in March. He pleaded no contest to the charges and will begin serving his time soon.