Bobby Womack Alzheimer's Disease 'Will Get Worse,' Singer Says

'How Can I Not Remember Songs That I Wrote,' Womack Says

Bobby Womack's Alzheimer's, though in its early stages, will "get worse," the 68-year-old singer revealed. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer songwriter said in an interview that he has had memory problems recently.

Bobby Womack's Alzheimer's disease was revealed when he spoke to BBC about his early symptoms. His own songs and other's names evade him, and during a doctor's visit, he found out why.

"The doctor said, 'You have signs of Alzheimer's,'" Womack explained. "He said it's not bad yet but it's going to get worse."

 Once instance was when he flubbed the name of Damon Albarn, his friend who co-produced his recent comeback album The Bravest Man in the Universe. At the Q awards in London, Womack called him "Damon Osbourne" while receiving the best album award.

"That's so embarrassing," the "If You Think You're Lonely Now" singer admitted. "Here's a guy I work with- I would never belittle him like that."

Over the course of Womack's long and storied career- he began recording in the 1960s with family group The Valentinos and played guitar for Sam Cooke- he has had a number of hits both as a songwriter and a singer. "Lookin' For a Love," Harry Hippie," and "Woman's Gotta Have It" are some of his most prolific hits, and he also had success with songs like "It's All Over Now" for The Rolling Stones and "I Can Understand It" for New Birth.

Womack's successful career and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 makes his memory loss all the more painful.

"How can I not remember songs that I wrote? That's frustrating," he told BBC.

The Alzheimer's comes after Womack has battled a number of serious illnesses. The singer had surgery for prostate cancer in 2011, survived pneumonia twice and recovered from collapsed lungs in 2012, and had a benign colon tumor removed in the same year. He also has diabetes.

Despite the health problems, Womack continues to make music. His 2012 album The Bravest Man in the Universe features the first new material from him in 18 years and garnered stellar reviews from most critics.