Bode Miller Custody War: Olympic Skier Wants Custody After Requesting Abortion

Former Olympic Champion Bode Miller is fighting for custody of his son despite claims by his ex that the skier had previously instructed her to abort the baby.

Sara McKenna filed for sole custody over her son with Bode Miller at the end of March. In court documents obtained by TMZ, McKenna stated that Miller asked for her to abort the baby. She also alleged that Miller would be an unfit father because he lives on a yacht and has "drug and alcohol problems."

Miller has responded to his ex by filing his own court papers, which insist that McKenna moves back to California with his child. In the papers, Miller also states the McKenna should have to obtain written consent before she can take the one-month old boy outside of the state again, according to TMZ.

Miller has argued that he would be a good father based on previous experience. In 2009 he confirmed that he had a one-year-old daughter, which he had previously not disclosed.

"I was not trying to keep it a secret. If someone asked, I would talk about it but no one ever really brought it up," Miller wrote on his personal journal on "My daughter's name is Neesyn Dacey but everyone calls her Dacey. Her mom chose Neesyn and I chose Dacey after she was born. The mother is a good friend of mine who I was seeing a while ago. We are no longer together."

"It was really cool. My sister has three kids so I've spent a lot of time around children and I've always really liked them and wanted my own," he added.

In addition to seeking his son back, Miller has also filed for the baby's last name to be changed to his own last name.

"He is going to support his son. He wants to be part of the child's life," Miller's lawyers told TMZ in a previous statement. Miller has also denied having any substance abuse issues.