Bolivian Bishops Advise Against Same-Sex Marriage as A 'Threat to the Family'

Several Bishops in Bolivia recently released a statement which regarded the pursuit of homosexual marriage by members of the Bolivian government a "threat to the family" and urged the country's lawmakers not to pass a bill that would legalize gay marriage.

The bishop's statement which was issued in May detailed the social history of Bolivia as being centered on the traditional family structure and that passing a bill legalizing gay marriage would be "a grave threat to the family," according to the Catholic News Agency.

Included in their remarks was the declaration that the country's current Constitution recognizes marriage as "only between one man and one woman."

The bishops also presented the case that marriage fulfills two important aspects of society; creating an environment of love and fostering future generations.

The bishops explained that marriage is "a social institution based on sexual complementarity. This makes the fulfillment of the two equal ends of marriage possible: the mutual love between the spouses and the procreation of children."

In addition, they added, Christ brought it "to the level of a sacrament, as a sign of his love for the Church."

When considering the rights of individuals the bishops stated that homosexuals should receive the same rights as everyone else and explained that all of God's children deserve his love. The statement also highlighted the fact that even though same-sex relationships are not recognized as marriage that does not constitute discrimination.

"The civil rights of homosexuals should be regulated by common law, like those of any other citizen. Every human being, as a child of God, deserves to be recognized and respected in his or her dignity and fundamental rights," according to the statement.

But when considering future generations and the foundations of society the bishops remarked that homosexual unions are unable of "generating life, ensuring the full development of children and ensuring the continuity of society."

The bishops were hopeful that Bolivians would "defend the principles and values of marriage and the family as institutions [that bring] true human happiness and contribute to the stability and continuity of society."

There has not been a date set for a vote on the proposed bill to legalize same-sex unions.