Bomb Found in Oregon Church Parking Lot

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(Photo: KOIN Screenshot)An IED bomb was found in the parking lot of Montavilla United Methodist Church in Portland on Nov. 26.

A garbage man has found an improvised explosive device (IED) next to trash cans in a Portland church parking lot on Nov. 26.

A bomb squad was called on scene and detonated the bomb without the church being evacuated and any injuries reported.

A man who witnessed the detonation told KOIN that it appeared that the team used a remote-controlled robot to set off what he believed looked like a pipe bomb.

Portland police, FBI and ATF agents are currently looking for a suspect and motive in the case.

According to the church website, the only event scheduled at the church on Tuesday was a choir rehearsal.

Local news reporters said that it was unclear if anyone had been in the church though a house where adults were babysitting children were asked to remain in the basement while the bomb detonated.