Bomb in Squid Creates Scare at Chinese Fish Market

Workers at a busy fish market in China got more than they bargained for after a bomb was found in a squid they were cleaning, prompting police action and sending a brief panic through the market.

The squid came from off the coast of the Guandong province and the explosive remained intact until it was found by a worker from the Jiaoling County fish market.

Local reports indicate that the bomb was around 3 pounds and that officials have yet to determine where the explosive actually came from. There has been speculation that it might have been an old airplane munitions weapon, but it is not currently known if it the bomb originated in China.

The bomb has been thoroughly eroded and- given the time the bomb had been in the ocean- there were no identifying marks left on the explosive, making identifying where it came from that much harder.

"Perhaps (the squid) thought the bomb was his favorite food and gulped it down," a man identified as Huang, who is credited with finding the bomb, told the Guangzhou Daily. "He certainly had a big belly when he was caught."

The fishmonger added that he was surprised the squid was able to consume such a large item.

"This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns," Huang added.

Once the explosive was discovered, workers at the fish market notified local authorities, who then removed the bomb and detonated the device in a secure area during a controlled explosion.

The fisherman working the nets and those processing the catch are considered very lucky that the live bomb did not go off during the time from the net to packaging. One wrong move while the squid was being cleaned could have spelled disaster for those working at the fish market.