Book Agents Line-Up to Publish Casey Anthony Story

The face of Casey Anthony may soon grace the covers of books across the United States.

Anthony, who was released from Orange County Jail at the weekend, has numerous book agents anxious to publish her story.

“We all have to recognize she has been found innocent by a jury. To treat her as guilty would not be fair, and I do believe people are entitled to write books and sell their stories,” said Robert Gottlieb, president of the Trident Group of book agents on Sunday.

“Trident would be interested,” he said. “This is a story with biblical overtones - a mother and a daughter and a murder. What untold thing happened here?”

Negotiations are also underway for George and Cindy Anthony to do their own book, according to their Attorney Mark Lippman.

Lippman has said that if a deal is finalized all proceeds will be donated to a new foundation that aids in the rights of grandparents, and assists with the passage of the “Caylee Law”.

The “Caylee Law” states that failure to report a missing child within 48 hours is a crime and is punishable by state accordance.

Casey Anthony is the 25-year old mother accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Although Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder, she was convicted on four counts of lying to police and had to serve jail time.

Her release date was initially set for July 14th but due to a miscalculation, the date was changed to July 17th. She was released at the weekend and authorities immediately organized her departure to a secret location.