Border Security? What Border Security?

In case you missed it, the Senate voted down an amendment requiring a secure border fence. What a shock.

They rejected building a 700 mile double-tier border fence that Congress already authorized to build seven years ago. The Washington Times reported that "the 54-39 vote to reject the fence shows the core of the immigration deal is holding. The vote broke mostly along party lines, though five Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio and the rest of the bill's authors, voted against the fence, and two Democrats voted for it.

Republicans had offered the fence as a way to build the confidence of voters skeptical that the government will enforce its laws, but opponents said building more fencing is costly, would take too long, and shouldn't be dictated by Washington. "I think we should leave that to the best judgment of the Border Patrol," said Sen. John McCain, one of the eight senators who wrote the immigration bill."

Don't they mean one of the eight senators, plus President Obama?

We should probably stop paying attention to what the Senate is doing. They say it's going to pass, and I would (seriously) be surprised if it didn't pass the Senate. Watch the House and what John Boehner does. He promises not to bring a bill forward without a majority of Republicans in favor of it. What he doesn't mention is that he can bring something forward, they can vote on it, and then the good can be stripped and the bad added back in during conference with the Senate.

Find out how to contact your congresscritter here, and the main phone number is (202)225-3121. It's time to light up those phone lines.

Karen Beseth is founder and editor of