Boston Magazine 'Bloody' Photos of Tsarnaev Released in Response to Rolling Stone Cover (PHOTOS)

Boston police photographer Sean Murphy has released haunting pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston marathon bombings, aiming to contrast the bloody images of when he was caught with the controversial "glamorized" image of the suspect recently released by Rolling Stone magazine.

(Photo: Boston Magazine/Sgt. Sean Murphy/Massachusetts State Police)Tsarnaev, collapsed right before capture, with a sniper's laser on head.

Sean Murphy, who is a tactical photographer with the Massachusetts state police, photographed a wounded Tsarnaev being taken into custody. He accompanied SWAT teams as they apprehended him in Watertown in April in one of the largest manhunts in U.S. history.

Murphy released his pictures of the behind-the-scenes police pursuit of Tsarnaev to Boston Magazine. The photos show Tsarnaev with his head covered in blood, climbing out of his hiding place, as well as lying on the ground receiving emergency treatment, among others.

(Photo: Boston Magazine/Sgt. Sean Murphy/Massachusetts State Police)This image taken by Sgt. Sean Murphy of the Massachusetts State Police and published by Boston Magazine on Thursday shows Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev emerging from the boat where he was captured in April.

Murphy's intention in releasing the photos was to express his anger towards Rolling Stone's controversial cover and show the "real face of terror." On Twitter the photos were praised by a majority of users.

"Wow, awesome post by @BostonMagazine. Photos of Tsarnaev at the end of the man hunt. Not so glamorous...," shared @CassidyQuinn.

The tactical photographer criticized Rolling Stone Magazine, saying that glamorizing the face of terror is an insult to the family members of those killed and injured in the bombings.

He said, "It's irritated the wounds that will never heal – again. There is nothing glamorous in bringing more pain to a grieving family."

Some retail stores, including CVS, have said they will not be selling the controversial Rolling Stone magazine issue, while some musicians have urged fans to also boycott the magazine.