Boston Marathon 2013 Bombing (VIDEO, PHOTOS): Unconfirmed Bombs Spark Chaotic Scenes, 2 Dead, 28 Injured

Third 'device' explodes at JFK Library, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis Confirms
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(Photo: YouTube/David Pakman)Two large explosions have been reported at the Boston Marathon 2013.

Two large explosions have taken place at the 2013 Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, with early reports now confirming at least two are dead and at least 28 injured in what some eye witnesses are describing as bombings.

The devastating scenes have shown injured people being carried away from the scene of the explosions, which took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon route.

Witnesses and media sources are reporting that two loud bangs were heard near the finish line, and video footage can be seen at the moment of the explosions with a big fireball seen coming from one of the buildings to the side of the road.

According to Ed Davis, Boston Police Commissioner, speaking at a news conference just before 5 p.m. ET, a third explosive "device" was also found at JFK Library, and did explode. No injuries were initially reported, according to the police commissioner. Earlier reports of a fourth device were not confirmed at that press conference, and at the time of that press conference only three devices were confirmed by Davis.

The two bangs were heard about 15 to 20 seconds apart, with some reports describing a ball of flames coming out from the Marathon Sports store near the finish line. It is believed that venue was being used as a press center for the marathon.

Other early reports are claiming more injuries are expected to be reported. Some reports have claimed that some bloodied victims were taken to a medical tent for treatment, and many others have been taken to hospital. Further injuries are expected to be announced as the situation becomes clearer.

Early video footage has shown chaotic scenes at the location, with some people blown off their feet when the explosion took place, and massive amounts of smoke seen filling the streets where the explosions took place.

The cause of the explosions has not been determined, but some serious destruction has been reported to some temporary structures at the marathon.

Huge amounts of smoke could be seen coming from the Marathon Sports store and marathon officials were seen pulling at some metal railings that were twisted and piled on the ground, seemingly to free some people under them.

Police are being deployed to major landmarks in other large cities across the United States, including New York City, as fears of a possible terrorist attack emerge.

President Obama has been notified and he will now remain in constant contact with officials at the scene and has promised to offer any assistance needed in the aftermath of the incident.

More details to follow.

Here is video footage of the Boston Marathon 2013 bombings: