Boy George and Nightclub Scuffle: Woman Punches Singer in Face (PIC)

George O'Dowd, better known as Boy George, recently reported on Twitter that he had been assaulted while at an English nightclub.

Boy George posted a picture of himself with a black eye on Saturday, after his assault. The situation took place at Amadeus, a nightclub in North Yorkshire.

"Looking pretty after getting assaulted on Saturday night!" Boy George tweeted with a picture of his bruised eye. The post was later removed from his Twitter account.

According to the Huffington Post, the assault occurred after a fan attempted to steal Boy George's hat. In the following days, the singer reported that he had a gig and required a cover up for the show. He later thanked his wardrobe team on Twitter for coming up with a "clever" costume plan.

"The genius of Christine! One eye Joe! I have a gig so had to be clever! Quite Left Eye innit!" he tweeted, revealing himself wearing glasses with one lens covered by the British flag.

The 50 year-old singer is a former member of the Culture Club. He became famous in the 1980s for his music and androgynous style of clothing. After the Culture Club, he was part of other groups and also moved into to have a successful solo career. Boy George is now a DJ.

According to the club manager, the singer was assaulted by a woman.

"'George was leaving the club when, the club management have said, a drunken and aggressive woman lunged for his hat - and in doing so hit him in the eye."

Although the woman was not charged with assault, she was asked to leave the club as a result of her actions. Boy George will not press any further charges.