Boy in Egypt Calls Only Arabic Christian Television Station for Kids With Amazing Prayer for Iraq, Arab Countries

(Image: SAT-7 KIDS/Screen Grab via YouTube)"Mr. Know" from SAT-7 KIDS listens as Mario, a regular fan of his show, called the studio last week from his hometown in Egypt to pray for Iraq and all the Arab countries, (FILE).

A touching prayer for the Middle East by a young boy in Egypt included prayers for "those killing others" in Iraq and Arab countries, according to audio and video released by a children's program on an Arabic Christian television channel.

"Mario, a regular fan of the SAT-7 KIDS program 'Why Is That,' called the studio last week to pray for Iraq and all the Arab countries," the SAT-7 station stated on its website on Monday. SAT-7 KIDS is the first and only Arabic Christian television channel designed exclusively for young and adolescent children that broadcast in the Middle East.

"The young boy called from his home in Tanta, just north of Cairo in Egypt. As soon as Mario's voice came over the air, presenter Mr. Know recognized him. Even though Mario lives hundreds of miles away from Iraq, he is touched by the plight of families suffering there," SAT-7 KIDS stated.

Mario prayed over the air (VIDEO BELOW):

"We thank you for extending your glory to everything in our lives, Lord…

We pray for Iraq and all the Arab countries, they're in your hand, Lord. Let there be peace and forgiveness, oh Lord, in terms of those who are doing bombings. Watch over the innocent people…

Even those killing others, you love them very much. You wait for them that they may come back to you again, oh Lord.

Lord Jesus, you said, 'Come to me, you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' Yes, Lord. May we come back to you in everything, Lord Jesus.

Whether it be a small problem or a big problem, whether it be among nations or something material, or anything. If it be household problems, you will be glorified, Lord Jesus.

I thank you for hearing and answering us. Amen."

The prayer, which came during a show last week, comes at a time when many Christian leaders throughout the world are asking for prayer for the Middle East. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) calls on the global Church to "pray for Christians and other minorities who are being persecuted by militant Islamists in Iraq."

The WEA also calls on the international community to "intervene in light of the continuous and ever-increasing violent attacks on and targeted killing of Christians and others in recent weeks."

Station managers report that the takeover of several Iraqi towns by the extremist group ISIS has been devastating in recent weeks. "Children in particular are sensitive to such tragedies," they said.

SAT-7 KIDS' motto is "where your children are safe," reflecting its role as a safe haven for children to learn about the world, the Bible, and daily life, the station states. It reports that an audience of 9.25 million children across the Arab world watches SAT-7 KIDS – including 1 in 3 children in Iraq and 1 in 4 children in Saudi Arabia.

SAT-7 ARABIC is the flagship channel and offers a variety of dynamic programs designed to attract teen and adult viewers, according to the media organization. "Compelling dramas, lively quiz shows, and talk shows about popular social and spiritual topics have viewers glued to the screen," it states. SAT-7 ARABIC also airs music videos, cartoons, news, comedies, worship services, Sunday school classes, and discipleship programs.

SAT-7 studios, launched in 1996, are located in Egypt and Lebanon and produce more than 75 percent of the shows that air on the channel.