Boy Keeps Dad Alive After Head Injury at Home

A 10-year-old boy from Lincoln, Nebraska is being credited with saving his father's life and caring for the man for more than a week after he injured himself in a fall inside his home, police revealed.

Local authorities explained that the boy was able to care for his father after he slipped and fell on a wet floor suffering an injury to his head. Investigators detailed that the boy was able to give his father fluids and food during the ordeal.

School officials first suspected that something might be wrong after the boy failed to show up for school several days in a row without any explanation.

The young boy reportedly opened the door when investigators went to the residence. The principal of his school alerted authorities that the child had not been in class for several days, according to The Lincoln Journal Star.

When investigators searched the home, they found the boy's father, who was conscious. He could not respond to repeated questions from investigators, according to a court affidavit.

The court affidavit also detailed that the man's eyes were open throughout the questioning, and that he seemed to be suffering from labored breathing. Medical personnel were dispatched to the residence and the man was taken to an area hospital.

Katie Flood, Lincoln police spokeswoman, told reporters on Monday that investigators went to the home on Friday after receiving word that the boy may be in some time of danger after missing several days of school.

A judge who is overseeing the case ordered the child be placed in the state's care while his father recovered in the hospital. The state is also working determine if there are any living relatives that could look after the boy should his father be unable to care for him once he is released from the hospital.