Boy Pees on MacBooks, Caused $36,000 in Damage 'Beyond Repair'

A boy pees on MacBooks, causing a multitude of damage to the expensive Apple computers bought by the Upper Allen Township Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

When the 11-year-old boy pees on the MacBooks, despite the hefty $36,000 in damage, he was not arrested because of his age. He was instead charged with institutional vandalism- the "knowing desecration of school or government property," according to Reuters- and handed over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

School officials reported that the boy somehow found the school's laptops unattended when he decided to do the dastardly deed. Amazingly, the student managed to soak enough laptops to cause thousands in damage, believed to be a total loss "beyond repair," according to police.

Apparently, Apple will not fix any device coated with urine- it's a "biohazard."

"We can all surmise that urinating upon your Mac will not be covered by your AppleCare, but here's an interesting question: if you stand up right this second, unzip your fly and hose off all over your MacBook, can you even pay to service the machines? The answer is no, because Apple looks at micturated-upon MacBooks as a biohazard," said John Brownlee of Cult of Mac .

The no-pee-pee policy even extends to animal urine, which is a very real risk to many pet owners who have newly gotten a furry friend. MSNBC's Helen A. S. Popkin confirmed this by speaking to an Apple Genius Bar representative at New York City's Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

"What's more, 'biohazard' is the exact word she used, right before she encouraged me to 'Google' a repair outfit that would deign to do such dirty work," said Popkin.

The unnamed 11-year-old who urinated on the MacBooks is fortunate that he wasn't older. Institutional vandalism and criminal mischief are both third-degree felonies in Pennsylvania, and someone older could have been sentenced with up to seven years behind bars and a $15,000 fine.