Brandi Glanville Forgiven by Adrienne Maloof's Ex Following 'Surrogate' Scandal? (VIDEO)

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville has reportedly made up with her co-star Paul Nassif following their bitter confrontation during episode six.

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Twitter: Brandi GlanvilleReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville

Nassif, whose divorce from Adrienne Maloof was finalized in November, reportedly reached out to Glanville to apologize for previously blasting her as a "b----" while defending his ex-wife. The outspoken reality TV star allegedly exposed a family secret to fellow cast mates, which set Maloof over the edge.

"It took a while, and several calls to Brandi. But, she finally gave in and forgave Paul. It was a really groveling apology that did the trick in the end," a source reportedly told

"Paul realized he was out of line talking to Brandi like that and felt he was being egged on by Adrienne, who was also on the attack," the source went on, adding that "he blamed Adrienne for his resentment towards Brandi, which he told her was completely unfounded."

During the recent episode, veteran housewife Kim Richards revealed that Glanville had made explosive claims about Maloof and Nassif's family during a private discussion with the pair. Although Bravo TV producers deliberately edited out footage of Glanville's revelation allegedly at Maloof's request, various critics believe that the "secret" involves the socialite's three children.

"Brandi takes issue with the fact that Adrienne insists she had her three boys naturally, while Brandi insists Paul and Adrienne used a surrogate," a source told

Maloof and Nassif publicly reprimanded Glanville following their discussion with Richards with the mother of three even threatening the former model with a lawsuit. Glanville admitted that she regretted things in a recent blog post.

"My mouth gets me in a lot of trouble, but this time I've pissed off the wrong rich person," Glanville wrote before going on to explain her actions. "My frustrations with Adrienne since last season's reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point."

To see a clip of the action, click below: (WARNING: Adult language used).