Brandi Glanville to LeAnn Rimes: You Win, You Have the Kids, The Husband (VIDEO)

Brandi Glanville has opened up in a recent interview about her relationship with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes.

Glanville admitted that she had few expectations from the country star, given the difficult situation. Rimes met Cibrian in 2009 while on the set of "Northern Lights." Not long after, rumors broke out that the pair had entered an affair despite the fact that both were married to other people.

The affair later caught up to Rimes however, now that she married Cibrian, because she feared he would cheat. In September, the 30-year-old allegedly entered rehab for anxiety following rumors that Cibrian and Glanville had reignited their romance.

Glanville later claimed that the rumors were false.

But Glanville and Cibrian also have two children together, which requires the "Beverly Hills Wives" reality star to maintain a relationship with her ex and his new wife.

"I have issues from time to time when ... any divorce is hard," Glanville said in an interview with Access Hollywood Live. "I wish the best for them ... I want them to be happy and I want her to make music and do the whole thing and just be respectful."

Glanville also added that the situation was better because her children got along with Rimes.

"[My sons] like her, it would be hard for me if they didn't like her, I would be in court trying to get them back all the time," she told Billy and Kit.

Glanville admitted that she was upset because at times it feels like she lost a battle to Rimes that included not only her husband, but her children as well.

"With the situation with [Eddie] and I, it was more like, 'Haha, I won,'" the reality star said, speaking about the affair, adding that her children being in the mix is a second wound. "And now it's like, 'I won, I have the kids, I have the husband.'"