Brandy and Monica New Video 'Thelma & Louise' Girl Empowerment (Watch)

Brandy has told Rolling Stone her new video with Monica is "a 'Thelma & Louise' girl empowerment" video. The two have reunited for Brandy's latest album on the single "It All Belongs To Me."

The former teen stars first came together in 1998 for the single "The Boy Is Mine," which earned them a Grammy Award, and have been wanting to work together since.

"Monica and I have a bond as women and as mothers, working with her doesn't feel like work," Brandy told Rolling Stone. "Chris Robinson directed the video and we're both in dysfunctional relationships. We're helping each other through both situations," she said.

According to The Urban Daily, Monica and Brandy are also in talks to tour this summer.

"We're working on that now and trying to find different sponsors and people that will get us in the cities we feel like we should be in, so it's not just as easy as saying it, but we're actually putting forth the effort to try and make sure it happens," Brandy said.

Brandy revealed to Rolling Stone she has been busy reinventing herself lately. "I feel fearless," she said. "I haven't done R&B in a very long time. This album is rooted in R&B. The sound is different, it's about love. It's mature, it's gritty, it's edgy."

Singer-songwriter Frank Ocean has also contributed to her latest album. Brandy told Rolling Stone she has very strong feelings for Ocean, who has also written songs for John Legend and Beyonce Knowles.

"He's like a little brother to me," Brandy said. "He wrote a song called 'Scared of Beautiful' about women who are afraid to be beautiful in their full potential as women. I've been there before so I know a lot of women can relate."

Brandy has also recently changed record labels from Epic to RCA.

Watch Brandy & Monica video, "It All Belongs To Me" here.