Brave Disney Princess Makeover: Fans Left Outraged After Merida Shown With Thinner Waist, Higher Cheekbones (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Facebook/Disney Pixar Brave)A screen shot of title character, Merida.

Brave's Merida is the new official Disney princess but will reportedly be forced to undergo a controversial makeover.

Disney and Pixar film Brave was a massive hit at the U.S. and worldwide box office. The story and characters portrayed in the film received critical acclaim, especially the strong female cast.

The star of the film was Merida, voiced by actress Kelly MacDonald, who is a strong-willed, tough Scottish princess. The character was loved by moviegoers for going against the usual princess stereotype.

However, Merida has now been crowned the new official Disney princess, and that crowning comes with a makeover.

Some have highlighted how the new images of Merida show her with a thinner waistline, higher cheekbones, and with more flowing, glowing hair instead of her more rugged, messy look in the movie.

Some commenters have claimed that Merida had been "Barbied up," and many fans have expressed their displeasure at the changes, suggesting there are an attempt to change one of the fundamental things fans loved about the character in the first place.

Others who have analyzed the new images also point out that the new images of Mirada as the official Disney princess show her without her bow and arrows – something she is famed for being seen with originally.

Writer and co-director of Brave, Brenda Chapman, has previously said that she created Merida as a princess that parents would be proud to have their daughters look up to.

Chapman said, "My goal was to offer up a different kind of princess — a stronger princess that both mothers and daughters could relate to."

Merida is Disney's 11th official princess.

Here is a video of Merida being crowned Disney's 11th official princess this week at Disney World, Florida: