Brazilian Big Brother Show Chooses Evangelical Christians as Contestants

The popular reality show in Brazil, Big Brother Brazil (BBB), which draws the attention of millions of viewers each day, has selected more conventional participants for the 2012 edition, including evangelical Christians.

The show is based on a group of housemates who live together 24 hours a day in the “Big Brother house” filmed by masses of cameras strategically placed around the house to observe them around-the-clock for three months.

The contestants compete for the chance to win the prize of more than $800,000. Women participants in the past have gotten the chance to become national stars, with a number invited to pose naked in magazines, and others to participate in famous TV programs after they leave the house.

But this time, the reality show has chosen a different batch of contestants compared to previous years and will include some evangelical Christians, who will appear on the largest TV network in the country.

Jakeline Leal , 22, is an evangelical participant, who will be in the group of 12 people inside the Big Brother house. Jakeline, who is from Bahia state, northwestern Brazil, is a student of Zootechnics and promised to buy a farm to raise livestock if she wins the prize.

In her Facebook account she posted a message saying, “Praise the Lord,” last Tuesday in reference to the opportunity to join the house. In her profile, she shares some biblical passages and says the Bible is one of her favorite books.

According to Daniela Moraes, Jakeline’s friend, the participant is very fun, dynamic and will entertain viewers.

“She is behaved because she is religious but it doesn’t affect her humor. She will show it on the first day. She is crazy,” said the friend, according to the Brazilian publication Folha do Sertao.

The show’s choice in opting for Jakeline was a surprise for her friends who never expected it would happen.

“When people called me to tell about it, I couldn’t believe. But she will be very successful there,” Daniela shared.

Another participant who is also evangelical is Kelly Medeiros, 28. There is not as much information available on Medeiros and her faith, but it has been revealed that she has tried three times to participate in the program but was never chosen.

The reality show begins Jan. 10 and will be aired Monday through Saturday in the largest television network in Brazil, Globo.