Breastfeeding Reality Show Gives Inside Look: Extreme Parenting (VIDEO)

Following the "Time" cover that drew mass controversy over breastfeeding, a new reality show has spurned that will document the same topic.

From the creators of "Bridezilla" and "Dancing Moms" comes the all new "Extreme Parenting," a reality series that was developed following the Time cover controversy over a mother breastfeeding her grade school-aged son.

The show is anticipated to cover a vast array of unusual parenting tactics, but will also include the stories of some parents who choose to breastfeed their children at ages far past one according to Mail Online. Jeff Collins, president of Collins Avenue Productions, has stated that his mission is to point out the extremes.

"That cover proves what I've been saying for the last year - America has become a country of extremes," Colins said of the Times piece. "I think it's so fascinating that some Americans find the image of woman breastfeeding to be provocative, shocking, even sexual when, in fact, it's the most natural thing in the world."

With that in mind the first episode of the series will take an inside look into why some moms choose to breastfeed their children at such a late age. At least one of the moms who was interviewed by Time will appear to share her story.

Collins stated that the new show, like some of his older ones, reflects his long time fascination with parenting tactics.

"When you watch any of my shows you can see a common thread," Collins said. "I'm interested in peeling back the curtain to look at choices other people make that will have a huge impact on their children or their lives."

Collins also reveals that his fascination was sparked from his own upbringing which reflected his small town, conservative values.

"I'm fascinated by the way other people raise their children. I grew up in a very conservative small town and everyone kind of raised their kids with the exact same values so it's interesting to me to see so many people breaking the mold of tradition," he stated.

The show is anticipated to air as soon as this coming fall, although no exact date has been announced currently.