Brenda Heist's Daughter Speaks Out: 'I Have No Plans to See Her'

Brenda Heist was missing for 11 years, declared dead, and mourned by her family. Now that she is back, her family is having a hard time accepting that she walked out on them. Her daughter Morgan has spoken publicly about her feelings toward her mother, whom she said she doesn't want to see.

"I don't think she deserves to see me. I don't really have any plans on going to see her," Morgan told CNN's Piers Morgan the day the news broke that her mother had been found after 11 years. "That makes me really mad. I can't believe she would do that because she was a good mom. She was great. But, I mean, something happened. Something snapped in her."

"I ached every birthday, every Christmas," Morgan told the Associated Press. "My heart just ached. I wasn't mad at her; I wanted her to be there because I thought something had happened to her. I wish I had never cried."

According to reports, Brenda was having a hard time dealing with a divorce when she dropped her two children off at school and went to a local park. She was invited to go to Florida by two homeless people and decided to join them. After 11 years in Florida, Brenda went to the local police and said she was a missing person.

However, all may not be what it seems, police said.

"We're getting several calls from people down in Florida that knew her who want to say she's not being truthful with us," Police Detective John Schofield told the Associated Press.

Brenda reportedly told police that she had been homeless and was at the end of her rope, that she was tired of running.

"It's more of a mystery than ever," Morgan said. "Her life was not hard at all. It's definitely very selfish. She clearly did not think of me or my brother or my dad at all with that decision [to leave]. She thought of herself."