Brian Downing, Alabama Fan, Gets 2 Years in Prison for Obscene Video

Brian Downing, an Alabama football fan, was sentenced to two years in prison for his obscene videotaped stunt after January's championship game against LSU. After the game, 33-year-old Downing exposed and rubbed his genitals on a fan passed out in a Krystal Burger fast food restaurant.

Brian Downing's distasteful gesture on top of the drunkenly unconscious LSU fan went viral soon afterwards. In it, Alabama fans are seen putting garbage on the man and poking him with various objects. After presumably seeing Downing's genitals rubbed on their face, the fan, Garrison stamp, is suing Downing as well.

Downing was chastised by Orleans Parish Criminal District Judge Karen Herman for his lewd behavior after his team's victory. His bullying affected the man's "dignity," she said.

"You have put aside someone's dignity," the judge was quoted by the Associated Press. "(He) didn't have the option to say, 'No,' and tell you to stop."

The Alabama fan was also called a "bully" for his "reprehensible" acts, and will begin serving out his prison sentence immediately. Although his term is for two years, he agreed in a plea deal in October to attend a boot camp, which could cut his time down to only nine months.

Judge Herman also called his choice to accept the plea bargain and the two obscenity counts "wise"- otherwise, he would have faced sexual battery, which carries with it a 10-year sentence and registration as a sex offender, according to

"You chose wisely to enter into this plea bargain," Judge Herman said. "The actions that you took on Jan. 9 of this year were morally reprehensible, there's no way around it."

Stamp did not attend the hearing, but was consulted before the plea deal was negotiated and ultimately accepted by Downing. Stamp is also suing Krystal Burger, whose employees stood by and did nothing while he was violated by various Alabama fans.