WWE Total Divas Air Date, News: Brie and Nikki Bella Reveal One of Them Will Have 'Huge Decision'

Instagram/ thebriebellaWWE Divas the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie

Despite their previous fights with each other, WWE Divas Brie Bella and Nikki Bella were perfectly cheerful and friendly as they sat down with E! News to talk about the upcoming season on "Total Divas." The twins also teased that there could be a baby on the way. Nikki is in a relationship with John Cena, while Brie is married to Daniel Bryan.

"There is a huge decision I have to make and it's kind of crazy what the cameras caught so I'm really excited because it's a really big moment in my life," said Brie to E! News.

"It doesn't help that two of our cousins and three of our best friends are all pregnant," Nikki chimed in, revealing that there is going to be some baby fever going around in the reality show's upcoming season.

During the last season of "Total Divas," many wondered whether Nikki and Cena would break up due to the Bella family's interference.

"The family drama was tough because you know, also being in entertainment, she (Brie) is the only one who truly has my back and is someone that I trust," said Nikki. "And my family too. My mom's my best friend, my brother, and so when I watched all that and saw what they did, one, I felt terrible for John. Like, how do you put him in that position? And two, I was beyond shocked that they would do that to me. And it was very difficult when I think about it."

In other news, the new season of "Total Divas" will feature two new stars as Paige and Alicia Fox will be joining the show.

"Total Divas" returns to E! on Sunday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m.