Bristol Palin, Joan Rivers Live Together on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Joan and Melissa Rivers and Bristol and Willow Palin all participated in "Celebrity Wife Swap" and learned a great deal from one another. The four could not be more different, and audiences enjoyed seeing how they coped with the lifestyle changes.

While Melissa headed to Alaska to take over the Palin household, which included sister Willow and son Tripp, Bristol flew to Los Angeles, where she would live with Joan and Melissa's son Cooper. Right away, the new moms had trouble adjusting to the new lifestyles.

Melissa attempted to eat moose liver but found she couldn't quite stomach the idea; Bristol felt completely out of place at a formal dinner party thrown by Joan. Melissa also had a hard time keeping Tripp, 4, under control at times and set about to address his discipline. Bristol found that she couldn't make fun of others as the executive producer of "Fashion Police."

Once Melissa and Bristol took control of one another's households, things began to change. Bristol immediately loosened the rules, enforced a "dress down" policy, and encouraged Joan to get down and dirty with Cooper. Melissa, on the other hand, tightened up the rules and encouraged Tripp to earn rewards instead of taking bribes for good behavior. It worked well, and even Willow noticed a difference in the boy.

The two families finally met at the infamous roundtable discussion, where they exchanged notes, critiques, and concerns for one another. Perhaps the most changed of the whole show was Joan, who previously made fun of Bristol's weight and family. She admitted that by spending time with the single mother, she had come to respect her and learned not to judge someone so quickly.

"I think you're terrific," Joan told Bristol, and both women began to cry.

After the families returned home, there was clearly a difference in the households. As credits rolled, viewers were updated on the situations and learned that Bristol took Melissa's advice to heart and encouraged him to earn rewards. Joan ad Melissa tried to dress down every now and then, though they still refused to eat off of paper plates like the Palins.