Bristol Palin Claims Her Mom is 'Way Hotter' Than 'Game Change's' Julianne Moore

Bristol Palin has claimed that her mom is a "way hotter mom" than Julianne Moore, who portrays her mother in upcoming film "Game Change."

"I don't think [Julianne Moore's] a good interpreter of my mom," Palin said to E!. "I think my mom is way hotter than that. I think she doesn't have that accent. It's kind of silly, but my mom's awesome."

Bristol Palin was speaking as she appears on the hit TV show "Dancing With the Stars." She has been vigorously supported by her mom, former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who has reportedly been seen at the recordings for the dance competition.

At the moment Bristol is still on the show having navigated herself through the opening few weeks without being voted off. However, she was in the bottom two of this week's show.

"Um, I'm definitely not the best dancer," Bristol said. "But I'm having a good time. I think I'm the most improved and I'm just out there to do better each week."

She also doesn't think people will vote against her due to her family background, "I think people are just going to vote for their favorite, regardless of anything."

However, some have apparently been upset by Bristol's appearance on the show, and it was recently reported that a threat had been made against the young dancer. According to reports an unusual package was delivered to CBS, which contained a white powder substance.

Initial fears were that the powder was anthrax, but it was later found that the substance was harmless, but it was a scare nonetheless.

According to TMZ, a note was attached that said more packages of the same nature would be sent to the studio if Palin wasn't removed from the show.