British Boy's Fear for Santa Results in New Chimney Design

A 6-year -old British boy's letter expressing concern that his home lacked a chimney wide enough to accommodate Santa Claus resulted in the design of a new chimney.

The boy, Leo Park, was writing his Christmas list to Santa and decided to write a letter of concern to Jeremy Paxton, the founder and owner of the luxury holiday home development Lower Mill Estate in the southwestern English region of the Cotswolds.

In the letter, he explained that he was afraid Santa would get stuck in the tight chimney of the house being designed for his family.

According to The Associated Press, the letter reads, "Dear Mr. Paxton, I am worried that my mummy's house does not have a big enough chimney. I think Santa Claus will get stuck. Please can you help. Love Leo Park."

Paxton took the letter to heart and enlisted the help of a mathematician to fix the chimney problem. The Associated Press reports that the Santa-friendly mathematical formula examined at risk factors such as chimney entry and the size of Santa’s stomach versus the width of the chimney at its narrowest point.

Like every good formula, it had to be tested. Therefore, Paxton enlisted the help of a stand-in Santa Claus to be air lifted into the new chimney. The test Santa was clad in a full padded outfit, a crane and harness. Leo Park was invited to for the test.

He reportedly shouted, "Go on Santa!" as the Kris Kringle impersonator was lifted into the air in the harness toward the chimney.

After Santa was lowered into the chimney of the half-built home, he told Leo, "I can guarantee that this chimney is big enough for Santa and all the presents."

"I'm absolutely delighted not just that Santa fitted into the chimney, but that that little boy, Leo, said to me: 'That was the best day of my life' which made the whole thing worthwhile," said Paxton.

The family will be able to move into the home next December.