British MP Insists Government Pass Tax Break for Married Couples

Traditional Marriages 'Strengthen the Wider Society,' Says Bishop of Chester

A member of the British parliament has spoken out and publicly endorsed the urgent passing of a new tax break for married couples.

The comments were made by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, and it put added pressure on remaining Members of Parliament, who had previously said that next year's budget should include tax relief to married couples.

British Prime Minister David Cameron had already stated that he planned on introducing the marriage tax break by 2015. However, concerns continue to mount over the tax plans being scrapped altogether if they are not passed soon.

The Prime Minister put his support behind the proposed tax measure. He insisted that it would not only encourage partners to stay together and produce a more stable foundation on which to raise children and a family, but that it would bring aid to working families hardest hit by the sluggish economy.

The Bishop of Chester had also recently insisted that the British government bring about the tax breaks for married couples during a debate in the House of Lords.

During his remarks, Bishop Forster explained that Members of Parliament should ease the economic burden of married families. He also insisted that- should the new tax measures be implemented- it would reinforce commitment to the traditional family.

"Good marriages are not just a benefit for the couple themselves, and their children, but serve to strengthen the wider society of which they are a part," Forster told The Christian Institute.

Unfortunately, the new tax breaks may never happen, given the continued push by the British government to redefine marriage- it was mentioned in the Conservative Party's manifesto.

To add to the resistance, Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg has already voiced his opposition to such tax breaks for married couples, saying that it is wrong to discriminate between people who are married and who cohabit, effectively just living together.