British Radio Personality Decries BBC as Anti-Religious

A British radio personality has declared that the British Broadcasting Corporation has a bias against religious views and Christianity in particular.

Roger Bolton, a former presenter of the Sunday program for Radio 4 and current presenter of the station's Feedback Program, explained his views last week as reported by the United Kingdom publication The Telegraph.

"If you don't understand what is most important to people, as a society we are in trouble," said Bolton, who made his remarks as part of a debate.

"You do have a whole liberal elite in this country, a liberal secular elite, who dominate television."

Bolton used as an example what he believed was the BBC's failure to adequately present the viewpoints of religious conservatives in the country, such as the Roman Catholic Church.

"There should at least be an effort to say that just because somebody is against gay marriage or against IVF doesn't necessarily mean they are a lunatic," said Bolton.

"…[I]t is part of their belief, they have a genuine problem here with the legal authority or whatever – understand that position."

According to the UK Telegraph, Bolton mentioned possible solutions for the alleged religious bias at the BBC, including the introduction of religious characters to soap operas and integrating much of their religious programming into the secular time slots.