Britney, K-Fed Taxes: Couple Owes $37,712 to Government?

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been united under the federal government once again, but this time, it's via taxes.

Although Spears filed for divorce from Federline in 2006, it appears that the couple still has some unfinished business. According to reports, the couple owes nearly $40,000 in back taxes which was apparently accrued during their marriage.

The amount was derived off of an income tax form that was filed in 2004 according to TMZ, who obtained copies of the legal documents. The report states that the Government of California has "hit the former couple with a $37,712.71 lien for unpaid income tax." The taxes were filed in the same year that the couple was married.

Representatives for the "X-Factor" judge stated that the lien was filed in error, according to TMZ. They suggested that the situation would be rectified soon, although no statement was made on Federline's end.

Although Spears has faced troubles in her past, particularly during her marriage and directly following the divorce, she has since recovered her career. Spears net worth was valued at $200 million in October, according to Celebrity Net Worth, meaning that an extra $40,000 bill might not affect her much.

The money reflects the sale of perfume fragrances that Spears produced even during her marriage to Federline. In addition, during 2004, the pop star released her first compilation album, which was titled: "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative." The album sold over 5 million copies.

Federline, on the other hand, an ex-dancer for Spears and attempted rapper, has been valued at only $6 million. In 2008 Federline was linked to former volleyball player Victoria Prince. Prince gave birth to their daughter, Jordan Kay, in 2011. But Federline has few career moves since. Part of his income is paid out through child support via Spears; according to reports, the pop star pays Federline about $20,000 a month in child support.