Britney Spears 'Not a Believer' in Kim Kardashian's Style

Britney Spears may be gearing up to debut as a judge on the "X Factor" next week, but the 30-year-old recording artist is quick to let people know that she is far from small screen star Kim Kardashian.

Spears is the cover girl of Elle magazine's October issue, where she dishes about being nothing like Kardashian, a 31-year-old reality television star. The recording artist said she did not believe in being glamorous for every occasion.

"So it's really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup- and hair-ready every time I go out of my house. I'm not a believer in that, you know," Spears said in the magazine scheduled to hit newsstands on Sept. 18. "On the other hand, when you do wear those sweats, you're like, 'Oh God, I should step it up a notch. I love my jeans and my sweats – I'm really just a tomboy at heart."

While Spears said she is not like Kardashian, she may have something in common with the reality television star who is dating rapper Kanye West. Much like Kardashian, who is photographed by paparazzi often, Spears said she is used to the attention.

"I guess I've been under the microscope so long that I don't even pay attention to the nonsense anymore," Spears said. "I gave up getting upset about things people make up about me a long time ago."

While Spears said she is used to the attention brought on by paparazzi, the recording artist admitted that her first day on the "X Factor" set was nerve racking.

"(I was) extremely nervous," Spears told Elle. "I was having panic attack after panic attack."

Still, Spear's co-judge Simon Cowell said the recording artist is budding in front of his eyes and will ultimately be an asset to the show.

"On the first day, one hundred percent she didn't think she was going to be able to do this. It's the Roman Colosseum – five thousand people booing if you say no," Cowell revealed in the magazine. "But I'm seeing this woman blossom week by week doing this. I think she's going to be good for the show, and I think the show is going to be good for her."