Britney Spears on 'Modern Family'?

Britney Spears has made it known that she wants to appear on ABC's "Modern Family," though the show has yet to respond.

The singer and actress has taken to Twitter to announce: "I know everybody is excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can't wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV."

She has already appeared on "How I Met Your Mother" and "Will & Grace."

In response, fans of Spears have launched a Twitter campaign under the phrase "GetBritneyOnModernFamily."

Spears showed her approval for the campaign, tweeting, "Ahhh I would love to be on it!" ABC has yet to respond to the new request, though it frequently hosts guests including Nathan Lane, Shelley Long, Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden.

This would not be the first online campaign to get a star on a particular TV show. In 2010, Facebook users worked to get Betty White on "Saturday Night Live." They were successful, and White's episode earned her a Primetime Emmy award.

White joked about the campaign, saying that she didn't even know what Facebook was. "Now that I do, I think it's a complete waste of time," she said.

Users have filled Twitter feeds with support for Spears' appearance. User Matt Spears tweeted, "Britney would love to be on Modern Family. We need to make this happen!" User Vivien added that an appearance by Spears will "get [Modern Family] their highest ratings yet."

"Modern Family" debuted on ABC in 2009 to positive reviews, including one from President Barack Obama, who stated, "For the girls and me, 'Modern Family,' that's our favorite show."

It has also been nominated for several awards and has won 11 Primetime Emmy awards, one Golden Globe and one Screen Actors Guild award. The show is currently in its third season; the season premiere was ABC's top rated in six years.