Britney Spears Perfume Ad Unveils Star With Dark, Short Hair (PHOTO)

A new Britney Spears perfume ad unveils the pop star with a surprising dark side. But the look may be more fitting for the "X-Factor" judge, who has proved to be more critical than most imagined.

The last time that Britney Spears was considered the queen of pop it was the 90's and boy bands actually controlled the radio waves. She was also only a teenager fresh off the Mickey Mouse show.

Of course Spears eventually got tired of her sweet girl image and controversy soon follow in her personal life. But eventually the "Crazy" singer put her life back together with a new album and surprise, a gig as an "X-Factor" judge.

Much like her life, Spears fragrance line has also undergone a similar transition. The star has gone from "Curious" (one of her earlier fragrances) to her latest, which is a mix of fantasy. Called "Fantasy Twist," it is a dual bottle of her original "Fantasy" scent and "Midnight Fantasy."

For the ad, the star has also undergone a "twisted" transformation. The ad has two photos. While she has maintained her usual blonde locks in the first, in the second she is scene with short, dark black hair. Dressed in black with shadowed eyes, the star look nothing like her self.

But the new look may better represent Spears on the "X-Factor." Before the star appeared on the show it was presumed that she would be an easy judge and go soft on the candidates. However the opposite has proved true. During the early auditions, at times Spears was even harsher than Simon Cowell.