Bronco Bama Girl Relieved Obama Won Election (VIDEO)

The small girl who made headlines after being brought to tears over the election coverage has shown relief that President "Bronco Bama" came out on top.

Abigael Evans, the 4-year-old Colorado girl who was brought to tears by the frequent media coverage of the 2012 presidential elections has starred in yet another YouTube video. In the latest video, Evans mom informs her that the presidential election is over.

"Who gonna be the pwesident?" Abigael asks her mother.

After her mother informs her that it's going to be "Bronco Bama," Abigael moves her fist back and forth and says "Yay," appearing to show some relief that Obama won.

Evans drew a fair amount of media attention just before election day after her mother uploaded a video of the 4-year-old brought to tears over the presidential elections. In the video, her mother asked her why she was crying, and the girl replied that she was "tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney."

"It'll be over soon, Abby," her mother replied in an attempt to comfort her. "The election will be over soon." Abby managed a measly "Okay," but tears continued to run down her face.

In response, NPR correspondent Mark Memmott offered an apology to Abigael on the organization's website:

"On behalf of NPR and all other news outlets, we apologize to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her. We must confess, the campaign's gone on long enough for us, too. Let's just keep telling ourselves: 'Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days.'"

The video was viewed by over 2 million people.

"This little girl expressed exactly how I feel. The phone just keeps ringing ... The other day I felt like screaming; so I actually answered the phone. Boy oh boy! The lady on the other end wished I had not answered!" one user wrote on the Huffington Post.

"I feel her pain. I so just want this election over," a second user added.