Brooke Mueller Leaves Betty Ford, Complains It Was 'Too Hard'

Brooke Mueller was in court this week to explain why she left the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment at another facility. The judge allegedly told Mueller she was in great danger of not regaining custody of her sons.

"The judge was livid that Brooke ditched Betty Ford, for a more upscale and less stringent rehab in San Juan Capistrano. Brooke was told that she was an unfit mother and her actions had seriously harmed her chances of regaining custody of the boys anytime soon," a source told Radar Online. "The judge was particularly irked that Brooke made the sudden move without even notifying her attorney or child protective services."

Mueller has been in rehab 19 times, with Betty Ford being the latest facility. Friends and family feared that she would accidentally overdose, leaving her twin sons motherless. The boys have been with their father, Charlie Sheen's, ex-wife Denise Richards since the latest ordeal began.

"The boys have spent more time with Denise than with their own biological mother for the last nine months," the source revealed. "The boys are a part of Denise's family and they are extremely happy in their care."

Mueller has reportedly tried to have the boys taken away from Richards and put into the custody of her own family members in order to keep receiving child support from Sheen, which is her sole source of income. However, a judge has ruled against her every time and the boys remain in Richards' care.

"Brooke hated Betty Ford because she was required to do daily chores, which she resented. She complained that Betty Ford was just too hard. Betty Ford is hardcore and Brooke just doesn't respond well in situations where she can't call the shots," Radar's source said.

She isn't the only star to have recently left Betty Ford. Lindsay Lohan ditched the program to transfer to a facility in Malibu. She also said that the program was "too hard."