Brooke Mueller Mafia Claims Made Before Entering Rehab

Brooke Mueller allegedly made claims that she was involved with the mafia before being admitted to rehab, sources state. Mueller checked into the Betty Ford Center last week and made several statements alleging that she was in contact with the mafia.

Police received a 911 call from a man who claimed that Mueller assaulted him, and when authorities arrived, Mueller was making incoherent statements about the mafia. She allegedly told the police she had been in contact with the FBI for months, talking about Charlie Sheen and the information she had on him, which would "bring him down," TMZ reported.

Authorities then contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, who removed the 4-year-old twin boys from the home and ordered a psychiatric hold for Mueller. She later checked herself in to the Betty Ford Center so she could, reportedly, go through therapy with her friend.

The twins were remanded to Denise Richards' custody and she has been granted temporary custody of them indefinitely. Even once Mueller is released from rehab, Richards may retain custody until Mueller is settled and authorities feel the children will not be in any danger.

Mueller has struggled with an addiction to Adderall, the same drug Lindsay Lohan battled, for several years. She has been through detoxification, like Lohan, which did not make her happy.

"She is being placed on another drug for ADD that won't trigger a relapse," a source told Radar Online. "And Brooke is extremely upset. Whenever Brooke goes off the medication, she gains weight." Working out "isn't something Brooke likes doing. She smokes like a chimney and has the worst eating habits," the source added.

Mueller has been in rehab a total of 20 times for various addictions, and it was recently alleged that she had been in rehab twice during her pregnancy for using crystal meth. Thankfully the boys were not harmed and are thriving under Richards' care.