Brooke Mueller Rehab Over as She Moves Out of Facility, Charlie Sheen 'Furious'

Brooke Mueller reportedly moved out of a sober living facility, making ex-boyfriend Charlie Sheen incredibly furious. Mueller wanted to be able to be with her new boyfriend, so she rented a home in San Clemente.

"This is extremely distressing because Brooke's actions show she just isn't taking rehab seriously," a friend told Radar Online. "Her approach to treatment is very unorthodox to say the least. What is very bothersome is that the facility is allowing Brooke to do this."

Mueller was in rehab to deal with her addiction to Adderall. She lost custody of her twin sons while in rehab, and they have been in the care of Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards. Sheen has no problem with Richards caring for his boys, but Mueller has been quite upset and adamant that she wants custody back.

"After Charlie found out that Brooke bailed on the sober living facility is when he asked his attorney to draw up the papers to reduce the child support," the source continued. "He didn't want to do this, but Charlie didn't want to be contributing to her drug habit because the child support is Brooke's only source of income."

Mueller has been afraid that Sheen would cut her off, and now it seems that her behavior has led to the worst-case scenario. Sheen never made mention of cutting off the child support while Richards had custody of the boys.

"There is no indication that Brooke is being drug tested as required when living in the sober living facility. Brooke knows that custody of her boys is on the line, yet she moved out of the sober living house so that her boyfriend could visit. Brooke said she was a celebrity and couldn't have any privacy at the sober living facility," the source added.

Children's Protective Services has said they will continue to monitor the situation and do what is in the best interest of the boys, Bob and Max, who remain in Richards' custody.