Brooke Shields Slams Marijuana Photo Rumors

Brooke Shields has vehemently denied that she is the woman in a photo smoking a marijuana pipe, despite various rumors alleging that the woman is her.

The image, posted by Twitter user David Hill, was taken in what appears to be the '80's and features a woman who slightly resembles Shields during her younger years. With dark curly hair in a messy ponytail, the young woman is lighting a device intended for smoking marijuana.

Also in the photo, the vocalist from the group Bad Brains H.R. sits beside the woman laughing.

"Here is a photo of Brooke Shields smoking pot with H.R.," read the caption.

Shields' representative has denied that her client is featured in the photo, according to Daily Mail.

After the photo was leaked on Twitter, it made headlines on news outlets such as RadarOnline.

Meanwhile, now 47-years-old, Shields has taken a firm stance against the online image. In the past, the actress has boasted of her drug-free adolescence while speaking to Nylon.

"I don't know if it's reverse psychology, but my mom would say, 'You wanna do drugs? Fine. Do them. Just do me a favor. Let me do 'em with you,'" Shields said in 2000 to Nylon, according to the Daily Mail.

"'I'll get you the best stuff,'" Shields continued, quoting her mother Teri. "'This way I know you're not going to die.' And the whole thing was so unappealing to me."

Shields credited her mother with dispensing valuable judgment.

"A mom who offers you drugs? I'm lucky I didn't grow up crazy," explained the actress. "I don't know how I didn't become a statistic, because… at times you do feel like you're going a little nuts."

Also as a teenager, the "Blue Lagoon" star released a famous televised anti-smoking Public Service Announcement in which she said, "I think smoking is for real losers."