Brother, Sister on Kiss Cam at Dodgers Game: 'This is Embarrassing,' Say Siblings (VIDEOS)

A brother and sister on a kiss cam were embarrassed to see their faces blown up to jumbo-tron size during a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game recently. The kiss cam operator spotted the two siblings together and assumed they were on a date, but the brother made sure he wouldn't be forced to kiss his sister.

The brother and sister were caught on the kiss cam together, and when the sister realized what was happening her mouth dropped open in surprise. Her brother's reaction was much more immediate, however— he took off running down the aisle and up the row to escape the awkward situation.

"[My name is] James— this is my sister, Christie," the man explained to a camera after the incident, laughing. "When I saw us up there on the kiss camera I thought, 'You know what? It'd be really funny if I just took off running right now.'"

The uncomfortable situation didn't end there, though: the kiss camera stayed trained on him while he sprinted up the steps.

"And then I'm like halfway up the stairs and I look back and I'm still on there and I'm like, 'Oh man, this is embarrassing,'" James said. "So I keep on running."

This isn't the first time a kiss cam has led to some awkward or funny moments. One MetroPCS kiss cam caught a little girl and boy together at a basketball game. When the little tike tried to plant a peck on the toddler, she swatted him away.

Another incident at a game saw a man's hilarious chance to shine. When the kiss camera operator trained on one thirsty guy and his girlfriend, he took the chance to highlight the plastic cup of beer he was holding instead. He held it, caressed it, and then took a large sip of his foamy lager, much to the chagrin of his date.