Brothers Save Sister from Bear: 11 Year-Old Boy Shows Courage

Relief cannot describe what two parents felt after a Father's Day campout turned into a fight to save one little girl's life. It is the acts of the young girl's brothers that have touched many.

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(PHOTO:Video Clip)11-year-old boy rescues sister from bear.

The Kelley family had decided to spend Father's day weekend camping near New Fork, Wyoming. The family began their Sunday morning with a breakfast over the grill. One item on the menu was bacon. When they were finished, the family cleaned up the camp area believing that they had done a good job. What they discovered however is that bears can have a keen sense of smell.

Attracted by bacon grease leftover on one of the pans used that morning, a black bear began to approach the family's camp. Camp workers attempted to warn everyone to take cover.

"Two staffers came running, yelling that there was a bear," Kamila Kelly, the mother, told local station KSL.

Her son Baden, 11, was quick on his feet. He began to yell and wave his arms in the air, successfully capturing the bear's attention. His efforts bought enough time for all of his family to escape to the cabin- all but his youngest sibling, Moriah. Paralyzed with terror, Moriah had stopped dead in her tracks.

Without knowing what else to do, Bayden ran up to his sister to encourage her to run too.

"I said, 'Run, Moriah,' and she didn't run, so I got to her and I started running with her, and that's when the bear started running after us," Baden said. "By the time it got to about 10 feet behind us, my brother came running really fast out of his cabin and shouted very loudly."

With their joint initiative, both boys were able to save their little sister just in time.

"The moment I saw … Moriah being brought up by the staff, it was just such a relief, and she jumped into my arms and said, 'Baden and Logan saved my life,' " Kamila Kelly said.