Bruno Mars Fans Show Support, Despite Prime Minister Being Appalled By Singer

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is not a fan of Bruno Mars’ music, but the singer’s fans have been sticking by him.

In a recent interview, David Cameron told The Telegraph that his children listened to Mars and Katy Perry, which was “appalling.” As a result, the Prime Minister said that Perry and Mars were "beginning to infect (his) iPod.”

Although Mars, who won a Grammy for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” in 2011, has enjoyed musical success, he has also lost support for his issues with addiction. The singer was arrested for cocaine possession in September.

Although Cameron did not explain whether the incident had anything to do with his distaste for Mars, the singer recently told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he hopes people can move on from it.

“(It’s) something that I’ve moved past and I’m hoping everyone else that I come across will move past it too," the singer told Morgan in a recent interview. “I hope that I’m not here today because what happened then. I hope I’m here because of my achievements and because of my music. I want to be known and hopefully respected because of that."

Still, fans of the Grammy-award-winning singer have shown support by starting a trending topic on Twitter in his honor named, "People Choose Bruno Mars.” One fan explained her reasoning for choosing Bruno Mars.

"People choose Bruno Mars because he's so talented and got where he is now on his own through no t.v. show, but pure amazingness," the fan tweeted.

Others followed the trend, only to express distaste for the singer.

"I don't like Bruno Mars, but I think he's talented," another person tweeted.

Mars, seemed taken aback by the support that he received, despite the recent turbulent months in his career.

"You choo choo choose me," Mars questioned on the social network with a smile.