Bubba Watson Buys Tiger Woods' House for $2 Million

Tiger Wood's fellow golf competitor Bubba Watson has purchased Wood's previous home with ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Watson, a major champion golfer known for his left hand abilities, won the 2012 Master Tournament. Last year, he purchased Tiger Wood's former home, confirming the purchase recently and stating that he had plans to move in to the mansion some time next week.

"We closed last summer and we're moving in next Thursday or Friday," Watson told Golf.com.

Watson and Woods are former practice round playing partners and Ryder Cup teammates. Despite sharing the same interest in golf however, it appears that the men do not share the same taste in home decoration. Although Watson purchases the Wood's mansion, valued at around $2 million, he also only kept about "5 percent" of it in tact.

"I looked at probably 50 houses before I looked at Tiger's," Bubba Watson said according to Yahoo Sports. "A lot of the houses there are old, and we ended up changing everything. We probably saved maybe five percent of it. We built it all around Caleb. There are like three playrooms."

A former resident of Arizona, Watson will be making the move to Wood's old abode in Florida along with his wife Angie and the couple's adopted son. The couple adopted Caleb last year.

The mansion is the same in which Woods and his ex-wife Nordegren were living when the couple had a falling out due to Wood's infidelity. Nordegren has since used money from the divorce settlement to build a new, $12 million beachfront home. Nordegren was awarded over $100 million in the settlement; her new home is also located in Florida.