'Buckwild' Star Arrested on Drug Charges

"Buckwild" reality TV star Salwa Amin was arrested on Sunday along with two other friends in West Virginia. She now faces charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and is currently being held in lieu of bond.

Amin and two other men were found hiding in a shed after an informant tipped off the police. According to reports, a "large quantity" of Oxycodone was found in Amin's purse; one of the young men had a "large amount" of cash. Three bags of heroin were also found in the shed.

Summersville Police Chief J. Nowack told E! News that police became suspicious when an influx of drugs and persons began coming through the home where Amin was later found. A car with Michigan license plates carried the drugs that were later confiscated by authorities. Amin, Shawn Booker and Jason Jones, were all found after seeking refuge in a nearby shed. All three were taken into custody and remain in jail on bond.

Amin was due to be arraigned yesterday; her lawyer said that she does not want to speak to the press just yet. Amin stars on the newest reality series on MTV, "Buckwild." It's meant to be a play on "Jersey Shore," except that it takes place in West Virginia. Of course, there are the stereotypes that accompany the series, such as "hillbillies" and "redneck" behavior in the area.

According to MTV's biography of Amin, she is known as "Bengali in Boots." She is a "recent college graduate and lives at home with her strict parents. Whenever she's able to slip away, she's the first one at the party. The oldest of the group, Salwa is always down for a good time and everyone loves her 'tell it like it is' attitude."

The show features nine young persons who live in West Virginia and like to have a good time. Yet not all are happy with the show or its representation of those who live in the state. Sen. Joe Manchin wrote to MTV and said he was "repulsed" at the idea of the show and was afraid it would encourage its stars to display "shameful behavior."

"Well, as far as the criticism goes, I represent myself and myself only," Shae Bradley told the 'Today' show. "So to say that nine individuals represent the whole state of West Virginia is just silly, you know? Even my best friends on the show, if they do something embarrassing, that's on them."