Christian Rock Artist: Not About Us Anymore

In today's self-indulgent culture, "this is not about me" may be the last words expected from a rock star, but these words are Building 429's Jason Roy's heartfelt sentiments.

After almost a decade and with five albums under their belt, the spotlight has not changed the heart of their mission as a band. In fact, the renown that they have received has made it clear, according lead vocalist Jason Roy, that their platform is not about them.

"There's a lot of servanthood towards when you're young. Everything's set up perfect ... Unfortunately, the more a person is in that environment where everything revolves around them, the more that they believe that everything should revolve around them, and it’s just natural because you're in that environment. And, I think, what has happened to us, … we realized that it wasn't really about us anymore."

Drummer Michael Anderson believes the band members are "all on a different spiritual level than we’ve ever been,” he said in a statement.

The band first made an impact in 2004 with their chart topping song “Glory Defined.” Listen to the Sound is the latest album by veteran Christian rock group Building 429.

Roy believes that the longer a band is in music ministry, they begin to see that their ministry is not about them.

"I’ve been around long enough to see this. The truth is that, the bands that are around for years and years are the band that figured that out ... When you put God in His place, blessings abound. You know, He pours out His blessing and His protection. His hand [will] be upon you through thick and through thin.”

In preparing for ministry, Roy believes that most artists have a “desert” experience before God uses them.

“I think that almost all the time you have to go to the desert before you’re ready to be used because that strips your pride and your arrogance and it puts you in a place where God knows you’re ready,” he said. “When God calls, you’re like ‘Lord send me. Here I am. Send me. Do whatever you want to do. I don’t care if I’m not going to even play music ...’ I think when you get there, you’re in a place where you can write huge songs.”

On their current tour, the group opens every concert with a song that expresses the “not about me” attitude.

"It’s the first song we play in our set. It’s the first song on the new record. It’s called 'Made for You.' It says 'All my life, I've tried so hard to find me. The more I searched the less this all made sense. But I'm finding out that this is not about me, because you're all that's gonna be standing at the end.'"

At every concert the band hopes to provide an atmosphere where those attending the concert forget about what is happening around and recognize that they have an opportunity to be in the presence of God.