Bullet Riddled Obama T-Shirt Investigated by Secret Service in Arizona

A photo of an Obama t-shirt riddled with bullets has surfaced on the web and has an Arizona policeman under investigation from the Secret Service.

The photo of the bullet riddled Obama shirt was posted on Sgt. Pat Shearer's Facebook page and led to him being placed under investigation by the Peoria police department and the Secret Service. The picture shows a group of young men, posing with the bullet riddled t-shirt in the desert.

It appears that the image of Obama's face was shot at repeatedly.

Of the seven young men, four of them had weapons and some appear to be minors. One of them has been identified as a Peoria Centennial High School student, while the others have yet to be identified publicly.

The photo had comments printed on it that read "Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta," and, "They look like Gangsta's huh?" according to The Pheonix Times.

Jay Davies, who works in the Peoria Police Department's Media Relations Office, said that the police are investigating whether or not Shearer violated a social media policy.

"We do have a social media policy," Davies told the Pheonix Times. "We're looking into it to see how that policy applies.

Although the picture has been removed from Shearer's page, it can still be found on the web, according to My Fox DC. The Secret Service's Internet Threat Department is investigating the photo. They told ABC 15 that the people in the photo have a right to free speech, but that the agency also has a right to question them.

Shearer admitted to taking the photo, according to Raw Story. He also expressed that he was embarrassed by the photograph after it started being shared on Facebook.

He added that he stands by President Barack Obama and would sacrifice his own life for the President.

"It's not like they were going to go out and shoot the president," Shearer said. "It was more of a political statement."

He added that he doesn't think that the shooting of the T-shirt was a big deal. Shearer was once honored for putting his life at risk to rescue someone from a burning car in 2007.