'Bulloch Family Ranch' Season 2 Brings New Drama, Experiences for the Family

Fans are excited for the upcoming season of "Bulloch Family Ranch," which has its second season premiere on Wednesday, February 26. This season the Bullochs and all those they come in contact with are in for all-new experiences and surprises.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Rusty and Julie Bulloch, the couple has taken in over 25 children who need help or a place to stay during a particularly rough time. They do so without any expectation of repayment. The Bullochs are Christians who choose to minister to youth through their actions and love rather than through church.

(Photo: Courtesy UPtv)Bulloch Family Ranch season 2

This season, the Bulloch house is full, even without Brodie and Amanda living at home. Jordan, a young man who moved in with the Bullochs last season, is still at the ranch. He is joined by a young man named Wilson who used to live with the Bullochs but moved out on his own and is now back in order to gain some perspective on his life and future.

In a very surprising move, Julie invites a young woman to move into the house and brings her young daughter with her. The invitation is a surprise to the entire Bulloch family, who never expected Julie to make such a decision or extend the invitation without the family knowing first. It causes a bit of a rift between Rusty and Julie as well as Julie and daughter Amanda. Ultimately, the family comes together to offer the young woman, Ciara, their support, which she greatly needs.

This season will be full of unique experiences, especially with Ciara living in the house with her young daughter. Brodie struggles to find what he wants to do next in life, while Amanda examines what it may mean not to be able to have any more children.

Through it all, though, the family relies on one another and God in order to do the best they can with what they can. And they trust the Lord to fully meet all their needs, whatever they may be.

"God hasn't let us down yet," Rusty says during one particularly tense moment, and it's clear that he means exactly what he says.

"Bulloch Family Ranch" season 2 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 26 on UPtv.