'Burger King Baby' Looking for Her Mother 27 Years Later: 'Thank You for Not Throwing Me Away, Literally'

(Photo: Facebook/Katheryn Deprill)Katheryn Deprill is looking for her birth mother.

A woman known as the "Burger King baby" after her mother abandoned her in a restaurant in Pennsylvania is now searching for her birth mother in order to say thank you for not throwing her away. Katheryn Deprill is hoping that a viral campaign will lead to a reunion and give her the chance to say thank you to the woman who gave her birth.

Deprill was born 27 years ago and found abandoned in an Allentown Burger King; she made headlines and authorities conducted a search to find her birth mother. Unfortunately, no leads panned out, but Deprill was adopted by Brenda Hollis and her family. Deprill is extremely grateful for her life but wants to extend that gratitude to her birth mother.

"I'm not looking to replace my brothers and sisters now or my family, my mom and dad, 'cause it was great. We had the best childhood. I feel like there's a piece of me missing," Deprill told WFMZ. "I really want to see her and just ask her why and see if I have any brothers and sisters and anyone that looks like me."

"I think it's just kind of fun," her adoptive mother, Brenda Hollis, added. "There's just so many questions to be asked and it's just, I am so excited about it."

Deprill is married and has three sons of her own, whom she would like to introduce to her birth mother. She posted a photo asking for help online, and the image immediately went viral with over 14,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Even though Deprill is ready to meet her birth mother, she wasn't always in such a good place. It's taken many years for her to get to this place.

"I couldn't understand what I had done that was so horrible that I was basically being thrown away. I definitely struggled and I still do," Deprill told The Morning Call. "I have trust issues. I'm always waiting for more secrets to come out. It wasn't until I was older that I realized what an amazing thing my mother did," Deprill added. "I can't tell you how many kids she has helped over the years, even drug babies."

"I just want to see you," Deprill said in an explicit message to her birth mother. "I want to say thank you for not throwing me away, literally."